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Our Goal

Remodeling healthcare outcomes for your patients while reducing the costs associated with disability and improving your ability to justify your choice of therapy by using practical analytics and a data-driven approach.

Improving Patient Care & Monitoring

Providing objective data documenting multiple aspects of disease impact or change in a multi-dimensional patient-centric manner allows you, the clinician, to benchmark disease impact in direct relationship to the many paths that produce economically important disability milestones.

Informed Treatment Decisions

We facilitate shared decision-making between clinician and patient by incorporating objective, quantified, patient-centric data; rather than your relying on instinct or beliefs.

Prevention of Increased Disability

We complement patient reported outcomes which capture a perception of disease impact with patient-centric data rather than relying on instinct or beliefs.

Changing Disease Impact

Our analytic approach objectively identifies paths to change the impact on clinical decisions, treatment choices and prescribing habits by providing a path to objective therapy comparisons with real-world, real-life evidence.

We help you stay on top of improved care delivery and understanding of complex neurological disorders as treatment options evolve and better options develop.